OTC T-GEL 800Robotics NS

Our proces,
your active candy.

For every step in the active candy-making process we have the machinery to do it. We can supply individual machinery but are also able to supply complete production lines.

The OTC-Gel 800 R-NS production line is a state of the art automatic process for fulfilling your active candy dreams. A low personel operation completely automated with high outputs of end-product. This non-starch system we offer with all desired features including a clean-in-place system and automatic dosing system for your color, flavor, acid and active ingredient. The full process is a recipe driven PLC Controlled system equipped with robots, tracks and a SCADA system making sure that every batch is accurately measured, handled and reported. We can supply individual machinery, but are also able to supply you a complete production line. The perfect process line for your active candy dream.


Capacity range: 700-1000kg/hr 250.000pc/hr based on 4gr product weight

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