About OTC Candy

OTC Candy is a leading player in the active edible process industry.

We design and develop creative and effective solutions for the production of active candy by supplying custom-made production equipment.

OTC Candy is a Dutch based process equipment supplier that focuses on the Cannabis and OTC market. We design and supplies plants for the production of active candy. We gained an huge advantage when it comes to accurately measuring active ingredients in candy as well as masking odors and flavors through our expertise in the international candy market (from ingredients to end products) combined with extensive experience in the vitamin market. This enables us to cater to your requirements and establish customized processes, making it possible to produce top-quality candy with the right dose of active ingredients.

Including adding various active ingredients for the over the counter (OTC) market like pain relievers or antacids. Whatever the active candy, we have the machinery and expertise to make it.   Our equipment caters to your specific demands and will enable you to achieve your objectives and shape your active candy. Your gums and jellies, chewables, candybars, toffee, caramel & fudge, fondant & creams. In other words: your custom-made active candy!


We help you develop and design your products in our Candy Innovation Centre.

On our Candy Innovation Centre we have the knowledge to assist you in developing your product recipies and the capability to test the process design in our Pilot Plant. Including adding various active ingredients for the over the counter (OTC) market.

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