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We are a leading player in the active candy process industry.

We design, manufacture and supply standard and custom-made effective solutions to produce your active candy.


The rise of vitamins and other supplements in a sweet gummy form has risen significantly over the past years. This market of adding supplements in candy makes it possible to take daily recommended vitamins and supplements in a more straightforward way. Some examples of these actives can be Calcium, Omega 3, Melatonine, Multivitamins, Cranberry, or Vitamines for hair, skin or nails.

Cannabis Candy

A growing awareness of the benefits of the active substance CBD in cannabis, as well as increasing global legalization, has made the legal cannabis market one of the fastest-growing global industries. In our opinion, the most accessible method for ingesting CBD is in the form of infused candy. OTC Candy offers effective solutions for their production.

OTC Candy

By changing the way OTC ingredients are administered, we can change the OTC industry together. Offer tasty active candy instead of tasteless pills. Our extensive knowledge in testing and production helps you to accurately and safely dose OTC ingredients in candy. This enables you to achieve your objectives in full compliance with the law.


For every step in making your active gummy, we have the machinery to do it.


We help you develop and design your products in our Innovation Center.

In our Innovation Center we can assist you in developing new product ideas, test recipes in our benchtop lab and show you a real time proof of concept in our pilot plant. Our team of experts and food-technologist is able to guide you through the production process while also showing you in which flavors, compositions and shapes we can design your active candy.

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