OTC Candy

We are a leading player in the active edible process industry.

We design and develop creative and effective solutions for the production of active candy by supplying custom-made production equipment.


Our technical ingenuity and experience make us experts in converting your active candy ideas into innovative and sustainable candy production lines.


We can help you create your own top-quality active candy products that match the shape, color, flavor and activity of your needs. From gums and chews to candy bars.


Our custom-made machines are able to produce your active candy from start to finish to enable you to achieve your objectives.

Our active edibles

We take care of your cannabis or OTC products. Form, dose and flavor.


Whatever active candy you wish to produce, we have the machinery to do it.


We help you develop and design your products in our Candy Innovation Centre.

On our Candy Innovation Centre we have the knowledge to assist you in developing your product recipies and the capability to test the process design in our Pilot Plant. Including adding various active ingredients for the over the counter (OTC) market.

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