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For every step in the active candy-making process we have the machinery to do it. We can supply individual machinery but are also able to supply complete production lines.

The OTC-Gel 400M-NS production line is the best option before fully automating your production process. Keeping flexibility but having all the premium options available on your semi-automatic production line with medium capacities. This batchwise non-starch continuous process is especially made for the active market with an automatic cleaning procedure. It is HMI and PLC controlled with the capability to automatically dose your color, flavor, acid and active ingredient. We can supply individual machinery, but are also able to supply you a complete production line including utilities. The perfect versatile process, that’s why we have it in our Candy Innovation Centre.

Semi automatic

  • Capacity range: 40-100kg/hr 2500pc/hr based on 4gr product weight

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