Why active edibles and what

types do we offer?

We believe in the strength of the modern cannabis and OTC market where customers
have more information and freedom of choosing in which form, dose and flavor they
want to take their cannabis or OTC products.

At Tanis OTC Candy Equipment we can broaden your range of products by realizing candy products with active ingredients through our process lines. We can cater and customize all of these products to meet your desired level of active ingredient through our

experience and knowledge: Gums & jellies, chewable products, candybars, toffee, caramel & fudge, fondant & creams. Together we can create anything!

Gums & jellies

Fondant & creams

Chewable products

Toffee & caramel

Candy bars


We help you develop and design your products in our Innovation Center.

On our Innovation Center we have the knowledge to assist you in developing your product recipies and the capability to test the process design in our Pilot Plant. Including adding various active ingredients for the over the counter (OTC) market.

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